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Informed Dating Coach

Is this you? 
You want to be independent but you don’t want to be alone? 
You want to avoid pain yet your willing to compromise and be vulnerable?

Here are some diagnostic questions to think about

Have you been hurt in your past relationships?
How does that affect you being single?
Do you believe that being happy in a relationship is at all possible?
Do you think that your next relationship can be your last?
What do you think a fulfilling relationship would look like?

Something Important to think about
This journey into the world of dating without question is one of the most important journeys you will ever take. It’s your life you will be sharing with others. You can choose to deal with it casually and experience pain and let down and get hurt or, you can be informed with some wisdom and better navigate your way through it.
Being informed means that you take ownership and responsibility for what happens in your life.

As Your Informed Dating Coach,
I will help you:

get a better understanding of what you need in a relationship
work on your core values, your non-negotiables  
screen new people so you don’t waste your time and money
Work on building your self-confidence
gain a healthier attitude around dating and meeting new people
navigate through the online dating process from your first contact to your first date!
Get rid of old behavioral patterns and thinking that hinder you from attracting new partners
Heal in a healthy way from past relationships 
Learn how to deal with rejection
I want to help you face head on the obstacles that stand in your way!

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